Society has adapted to the "Snowflake Generation". The fact that nobody can talk about serious topics without cautioning easily offended listeners with phrases like "trigger warning" is an indication that "Snowflakes" are everywhere. Generalized comments or opinions are subjected to straw-man arguments because statistics have no relevance on "Snowflakes", if they know of a single exception - they'll argue you.

As you can guess by the title, I will be discussing "Flat Earth". If you support one of the many ideas of "Flat Earth" and are easily triggered, please don't read this.

Exploring "Equality of Opportunity vs Equality of Outcome" and how it relates to modern social issues including "equal pay" between men and women

One of the greatest myths of capitalism is that businesses want cheaper labor. While trying to keep costs low is a good business practice in general, cheaper labor isn't necessarily a good business practice.

When you're a desperate guy looking for a date, you can always visit "The Single Mommy Market"

Tips, tricks to spotting a socialist without ever talking to them