November 5, 2018

Tips on How to Spot a Socialist

Let’s start with some simple truths. Most people care about other people. Most people don't want other people to suffer. However, socialism is a form of theft because it's not voluntary. So, in order to spot a socialist, you might want to consider who benefits from that theft the most.

"Welfare", you say? Absolutely but it doesn't stop there. What about any government funded service including public school teachers, healthcare professionals and police officers to name a few? It's hard to be critical and objective of where your money is coming from when you're dependent upon it. Consider a welfare recipient that votes to increase welfare benefits and you'll understand the direct conflict of interest with the public workforce as well.

I've given you some clues to spot socialists. Do you consider yourself an expert yet? Well don't! I'm not finished. Seeing as how public schools are overrun with teachers, the entire profession is biased so you might want to consider private school teachers as well - especially universities and colleges. Consider the fact that many universities have socialist organizations for students but almost never a capitalist leaning organization.

Are we done rooting out the socialists? Not yet. What about the students? We have to be a little more careful including all the students. I'm not going to include the students unless they encountered difficulty providing value in the workforce. If someone went to school for 15 or 20 years and has trouble finding gainful employment, expect that person to have resentment, jealousy. These traits usually compell someone to justify expecting value from nothing.

Here's where things get complicated. There is a grey area to explain why still others might fall into the socialist trap:

  • Being part of a family that receives social assistance.
  • Having a family member that might be socialist.
  • aving parents who were socialist.

I call these people socialist by association. To these people I say, "Don't hate the player, hate the game". We all have family members who are benefiting from socialism. These people may only be sympathetic but capable of reason and evidence.

Let’s conclude. Do you find yourself more confident in spotting a socialist? Keep in mind some additional exceptions:

  • If someone is a business owner, they're far less likely to be socialist.
  • If someone works in the private sector, they're far less likely to be socialist.
  • Men are less likely to be socialist than women due to the nature of being hunter-gatherers.
  • Men who are physically weaker are more likely to fail to their hunter-gatherer nature and might portray female traits of socialist ideologies.

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