December 4, 2018

My Thoughts on Flat Earth

As you can guess by the title, I will be discussing "Flat Earth". If you support one of the many ideas of "Flat Earth" and are easily triggered, please leave now. I'll give you a moment to leave ...

Alright, is it safe? To those who need a short introduction to "Flat Earth" - it basically means that the world is not round but rather flat. The expanded theory usually says that there is an ice-wall surrounding the outer-edges of the world and that planes don't fly around the earth but rather in a circular path. In order to make this theory work, there are new models to explain gravity and models to explain all sorts of other things. Obviously, an idea like this comes with a massive conspiracy - not only held by major Telcom companies, space agencies, government - but all governments everywhere and likely totaling millions of people who have kept it a secret for hundreds of years.

Is the idea ridiculous? Maybe - but it's also an interesting thought exercise for someone who might consider themselves rational and scientific. From the standpoint of someone who believes the earth it round, it's very difficult to prove. You must do experiments involving mathematics and mapping distant points where the proof is found in what might look like a margin-of-error. If it's found that the earth is round based on the math, you can blame the equipment as being faulty - so you can't win. You can't easily prove or disprove the theory.

Am I going to spend the rest of the article arguing for "Round Earth"? No. There are enough articles out there arguing both sides. I'm going to instead examine why someone might be compelled to believe "Flat Earth" or why it might matter to anyone at all.

Let me ask you something. If the earth was flat or round, what would it matter? Why does it matter? Until today, you may have never thought about it. It challenges people's belief systems - surely - but why would either outcome be important?

The most prominent supporters tend to find themselves on the "Flat Earth" side with many "Round Earth" believers simply not caring to defend their beliefs. There's a reason for this. "Flat Earth" offers something to those who are vulnerable.

"Flat Earth" means "You were lied to". "Flat Earth" means "All your problems can be solved if you believe in Flat Earth". To anyone who isn't happy with their life, "Flat Earth" is something that offers a form of escape. That's why many forms of these theories have dinosaurs or unicorns living beyond the ice-wall. The idea of "Flat Earth" is a way to vent their anger. These are people who went to public school and were praised often and now suddenly in the real-world they find themselves no longer special. These are people who thought life was going to be great but thought it would happen automatically.

Most of these people aren't successful. They're not business owners. They think the rich people are somehow involved in the conspiracy and profiting from the lie of "Round Earth".

From my opinion, it's sad. Obviously, I believe in "Round Earth" and yes, I believe it because authority has told me it's true. My rational belief is that there would have been no way to keep "Flat Earth" a secret, if it were true.

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