November 7, 2018

The Single Mommy Market

When you're a desperate guy looking for a date, you can always visit "The Single Mommy Market". I almost consider this a government sponsored program. The government is responsible for it. Without the government, it wouldn’t exist. Before welfare, it was unheard of.

Before welfare or other government programs that would syphon tax money from the public to support single mothers, women had to make more difficult choices when selecting a mate. In other words, responsibility was the name of the game. They had to be careful who they chose to have sexual relations with. Courting processes were longer. When it came to family problems, counseling, churches, family members and friends were often sought out to find solutions.

Today the process is simple. "The Single Mommy Market" even has a toll-free number to apply. That number is 911. Simply dial the number, put your husband or boyfriend in jail and wait for the child-support and welfare to follow. It couldn't be easier.

Wait! I'm about to blame men too. It makes you wonder how many families are broken up due to infidelity made available by "The Single Mommy Market". Ironic, isn't it? Men are subjected to unnatural temptations which leads to their own family breakup. I don't mean to excuse men but rather point out that the temptation wasn't available before government social services. In a world where women required resources from men directly, there was usually a man attached to a mother with a child.

Some of this was written with tongue-in-cheek. But if you consider the fact that 95% of black children in the United States are raised without fathers then you'll agree that the pendulum has swung too far in a bad direction. Both men and women are to blame but the enablers are the existing government policies.

I should further state that the problem was started by the baby boomer generation. We can't simply blame the current government. The baby boomer generation was all about peace, love and freedom. Apparently, that lack of freedom of responsibility is our price to pay, along with all their deferred debt. So here we sit with massive numbers of broken families.

So, what's the solution? I don't know. It would have to be a solution which doesn't involve force. You can't force two people to stay together. You can't force women to make better choices. You can't force men to make better choices. I might add, you can't force society to pay for irresponsible mistakes.

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