October 31, 2018

An Introduction to Ask About Freedom

Hello and welcome to "Ask About Freedom"

My name is Megan White. It's a pleasure to introduce myself. I have started a movement called "Ask About Freedom".

Let me explain what "Ask About Freedom" is and why I started it.

I believe a lot of problems in society can be solved with "truth" and "philosophy". Like the old saying "the truth shall set you free". Whether it's race related issues or poverty related issues - I believe the problems always start with a detailed analysis and so I plan to explore these issues by completely unpacking them for you. I plan to talk about recent events and history. Eventually, I plan on answering questions and helping people solve personal issues.

There's far too much anger in society. Nobody is listening to each other. I think a lot of this anger is misguided and there seems to be a lot of excuses for this anger. There's too much divide and too much blame being spread. If all this anger really is misguided, then the problems will never go away.

And so I want to educate everyone! If you're socialist or libertarian or capitalist - I want to talk to you! I want everyone to be able to understand everyone else - and the common-ground between anyone's ideologies will be facts, reason and evidence. I intend to apply basic philosophy and science to solve societies big problems.

In the United States and Canada, I noticed there aren't a lot of groups discussing these ideas and so I decided to start my own. Here it is! It took me awhile to set everything up. I had to learn how to record videos and set-up a website.

So, please follow me on my journey while I explore these issues in detail. I'll try to get to the truth of what's being reported in the media.

If you're still watching, please "subscribe", "like". Please "share" with friends on social media. Also, please donate with the link below the video. When I started this - it was a hobby but actually the costs are very high and I need your help with that. I promise the donations will go to growing this community with more interactive features. I hope to take questions and do live feeds in the future. So please check back often for updates!

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